Salty cakes

Days ago, I was sit on a table of the University’s café talking with my friends. It was an a dark evening. The four of us were mentally exhausted after a hard exam, so we said “Why we don’t  go to the café?“. That evening I took a tea instead of a coffee. We were discussing about cinema, when suddenly came out the subject of the romantic comedies; I hear names as “Nothing Hill” (1999) or “Love actually” (2003). I showed my opposition to these movies, but that made me thing.

Of course, I like also the romantic genre. But I can’t bear that amount of summer romantic comedies or that “mythical” love movies that some people watches 10 times per year pronouncing that “Owww…!“… I can’t, simply can’t. I can’t tolerate that cake movies; they are full of sugar. Sugar parties. Thousands of movies each year with always the same formula, always the same plot… and the people stills eating them. Maybe, the most irritable part of these films is, in my opinion, that they don’t show any real relationship; everybody wants a happy ending, the people wants a plot going in a particular way… nice guy, beautiful girl and the kiss under the rain. The people knows that is a movie, but they hope to be real. Come on, it’s not!

Few weeks ago, I watched a movie, called “Before Midnight” (2013). That’s a great movie from the romantic genre! This film is third one of an a trilogy directed by Richard Linklater that it began 18 years ago. Through the three movies, we follow to Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Deply), two persons who have several encounters through their lives and they live a relationship truncated by the years. These indie movies show a real relationship, real characters, real reactions… They show perfectly the staged structure of a relation (passion, connection and assumption). The three films are elegantly designed, but if I had to choose, the best one is the third one. The audience can feel really identified with the characters, because, sometimes their reactions are so real that they can seem dark, naïve or erratic.

I recommend this trilogy. But of course, there are a lot of more examples: “My life without me” (2003); “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind“(2004); “(500) Days of Summer” (2009);… I think that nowadays the audience even more than before wants a dose of reality, something that they can understand. Shakespeare lived long ago. It’s not all beautiful and shining… that’s old-fashioned; in real-life there is problems, dilemmas, conflicts… Love is to live with those conflicts. A dark vision maybe, but the authentic one in my opinion.


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