Black city

Yesterday, I went out to party. We drunk a couple of beers, we danced and we laughed of each other a lot. I don’t remember exactly how it was, but I talked with a friend about literature. It was a moment, but we spoke about a book that I read long ago: The shadow of the wind (2001) of Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Oh man! Such a wonderful book. I didn’t think about it for a long time. I think I’m gonna read it again, after finish The Count of Montecristo.


Barcelona, 1945. The little Daniel Sempere arrives at the Cemetery of Forgotten Books by the hand of his father. There he picks up a book called The shadow of the wind, written for the mysterious Julián Carax. Daniel researches a little and he discovers that all the books of this author had been burned for one character of the book. Joined with his friend Fermín, Daniel will try to find the truth behind an enigmatic being which is trying to bury the past of Julian Carax, risking his life on the process.

What I really love about this book is that the plot takes place on a witched Barcelona city. The first half of the 20th century, when it could be seen the last splendours of the Modernism, were the Post-war times and Barcelona was dressed in dark. The crowds and the smokes of the industry were arriving and the old town of the city took life. Thin streets, lamps-post on the corners, gargoyles… The perfect scenario for a suspense novel which combines fantasy with reality. The city itself is one of the most important characters of the novel. Black, decadent, gothic, foggy and melancholic.

Apart from this book, there are two more that completes the tetralogy of the Cemetery of Forbidden Books: The Angel’s Game (2008) and The prisoner of heaven (2011). It stills one book more to close this fantastic story. I hardly recommend this saga to everyone. 


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