More is never enough

I live in a country in financial crisis. I don’t know what really happened, but it seems that somebody put too much money in the wrong pocket and then he lost it. That wasn’t his money, so he could not return it to his clients. The domino effect of that devastated thousands of jobs. At the end, were the bankers, politics, entrepreneurs, in one word, the welfare people, who have wanted to be even richer but they made a bad move. It was all about greed: that constantly need about wanting more and don’t appreciate what we already have.

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”

― Epictetus

money-greedy1I’m not part of this group of people who can afford so much money. Right now, I’m just a student who can’t find a job. Although, what is what they teach us in school, isn’t? You go to the university, you get a good job, you earn some money and then you can rule your life.  The occidental world is totally consumed by the idea that money means control over your life and other’s life. The truth is that I’m sick of being constantly thinking on the money. But that’s the image that I have about the people who provoked this crisis: obsessed by money.

About this, I consider an interesting cinema proposition the Martin Scorsese’s new picture: The Wolf of Wall Street. I like Martin Scorsese as a director. He’s the boss. I’ve never considered his movies as blockbusters: you can extract a mature reflection of each one. He stills being one of the best directors. Raging Bull, The aviator, The Departed… are awesome films. And I think that with his new picture, he doesn’t going to disappoint us. It seems that is going to be a tale about greed and about a man devoured by the ambition.  This movie is going to be premiered at our cinemas around the next January and it is going to explain us the story of Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio).

Jordan Belfort was an extreme character. He came at Wall Street in 1987, ready to eat the whole world: only a year after started working as a broker, he took the control of one of the most famous broker agencies of that time, known for selling junk bonds using all kind of unfair, dishonest and fraudulent techniques. In his best moment, Belfort earned 50 million of dollars per year. Belfort was famous for organising enormous parties at his office, being a confess addict to prostitutes and cocaine, shipwrecking one of the most luxury yacht in to coast of Serdeña, and crash his helicopter in the font garden of his home in New York. His fall was as noisy as his ascent: the FBI arrested him at 1998 and he spent 22 months on prison, after paying 100 millions of dollars to the stockholders who he defrauded.

Of course, the film doesn’t going to show the reason behind the crisis of my country. I think it’s going to be about a non-measured way of life of the people. And the truth is that there is a general feeling between people about never being satisfied, always wanting more. Maybe  the greed is part of the human biology. Maybe the society shaped us in an evil way. At the end, the reason of this crisis was the people’s habits.  Who can we blame then?


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