221b Baker Street

It seems that on the last years, the famous character of sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, has waken up the interest of the different studios of TV & Cinema of all over the world. Everybody knows Mr. Holmes: that old guy with a pipe, a cap and glass, who, always joined with his inseparable fellow, Dr. John Watson, is capable of solving the most bloody and complex crimes in the London of the XIX century.

The truth is that this character was accumulating dust, a lot of dust. I still remember that when I was a child and I spend the summer with my grandparents in their country house, they used to watch an old TV series about the detective (one of thousands that they have made about him); I’ve never read any of his books, so that was maybe was my first contact with the character and it left me an old-fashioned aura. Now, this character has rebirth thanks to different projects which gives a huge different vision about the Mr. Holmes on the novels. According to be more digestible for the young generations, the detective has been modernized, offering a more dynamic, rejuvenated and contemporary vision.

At 2009, it came the versatile Robert Downey Jr. for incarnate the detective in the new movie of Guy Ritchie; this British director has memorable works like Lock & StockSnatch or RocknRolla; maybe it’s true that with his Sherlock Holmes movies (he has directed also a second part and they are preparing the third), this director is touching a more commercial cinema, but anyway, I think that both films are notable. After a while, at 2012, it came the American TV series Elementary, where Sherlock Holmes has to solve his new cases at New York with the help of a female Dr. Watson, played by Lucy Liu; I never saw this series, so I can’t judge, even though, I read and I heard not good reviews about it.

But in my humble opinion, the most well-done and attractive option is the TV series launched by the BBC at 2010, under the name of Sherlock. I’ve just discover it. Totally con-temporized in XXI century, this series offers modernity, authenticity and electricity to the Conan Doyle’s character. The series is short (all the good series are better if they are short); three chapter of one hour and a half for each season (now they are going to première the third one). The elegant plots of each chapter, dynamic but without choking you, simple but without sleeping you, combine the best Sherlock Holmes traditional key points with a fresh and new view. One of the sublime points is the main actors: Martin Freeman playing the role of mundane Dr. Watson and the incredible Benedict Cumberbatch playing a more quick, more obsessed, even more dark Sherlock Holmes . A totally British series that I recommend insistently. It’s a series that has accomplished an entertaining proposal about the old and dusty detective. 


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