The forgotten words

There are things in this world that you can’t express by words. It’s simply impossible. Don’t try it. You are going to hit upon something if you try it. Sure, you could make the effort… You can try to explain it in the most simple way you know. Slowly. You can attempt to explain it two times. Even, you could arrive to think that mimics would work. But WE, the human beings, talkative animals designed to exchange words, are complex machines. The written language and the oral language have been our classical ways of communication since ancient times; we speak, we write, we listen; we use almost everyday the alphabets. But, this is not our oldest language.

A language made by shivers, tickles and whispers. I’m referring to the secret language of human feelings. It appears when you watch the sunset; when you touch the shoulder of a friend; when you look at the eyes of a person; when you listen THAT song; when you are alone. I notice this dialect without name only during instants. When the words fail, you always remember that the secret language is there. That’s what is about The tree of life of Terrence Malick and that’s why I can’t comment this picture with my friends; don’t talk about it, you have to feel that picture.

The tree of life is an atypical work. When the picture was premiered, at the end of the projection the audience was shocked; they didn’t know if applause or boo; if love the movie or hate it. A lot of people have found important messages in this film, another people haven’t found anything on it. A joke or a masterpiece? Anybody can say to you what is The tree of life, each person experience the movie in a different way. I know that you could say the same about another movie, but THIS movie is different; this movie is an human experience, a spectacle, a vision rather than a film. You have to have another disposition when you are going to watch this picture; you have to watch it with another eyes.  

So, what’s exactly about the The tree of life. Feelings, sensations, impressions, shocks, perceptions, emotions, passions, … It’s about the creation of the Universe. It’s about the mourning of a family when they’ve lost a son. It’s about the age of reason of a kid. It’s about a melancholic adult man lost in his world. It’s about a lot of different plots and at the same time they talk about the same thing. 

The tree of life is undoubtedly one of my favourite movies. It’s in my top 10. Jessica Chastain, Brad Pitt and the young Hunter McCracken give a master-lesson of interpretation. Simply amazing. But I can’t blame the persons who I constantly find and they told me that the movie disgust them. I have the strong feeling about that the people is not ready for this movie. Almost everyone who doesn’t like the movie can think that is a work for snobs; designed in order to confuse you, so when more confused you get, more fame will have the picture because anybody would want to accept that they didn’t catch the meaning. The purpose of the movie is daring. A lot of the audience is scared for taking the challenge. Is the most human movie that I saw and despite that it raises all kind of hates and confusions. The people is prepared to watch & think & feel at the same time? If not, what’s the cinema then?

Don’t try to put in words. The tree of life is a show of sensations. Don’t ask for the plot. Don’t ask for the description. Just feel. The modern civilization has turned us into stones; we think too much and we feel too little. And the greatest gift of this picture is that inside the same movie you can see yourself reflected. A lot of thinks are a dejà vu: “Oh! This it happened to me too.”, “Oh! This I experienced in the same way“. We have to open ourselves to watch The tree of life; we have to use THAT secret language A movie that I could be talking during ages. At the end, it’s a film that talks about the human life; it talks about us. 


2 thoughts on “The forgotten words

  1. “We think too much and we feel too little”. Sometimes we try to fill the silences with words and the quiet with activities. Silence can scares sometimes, because let you listen the voice that is inside you. And not always is trees and nature. We try to cover it with other activities and the results became that is confusion and difficulties in feeling something. Great post. I’m curios to see the movie 🙂

  2. I am agree with you. Not always you can express something that you fell with words, and it’s difficult to the other people understand you. But sometime you have to listen inside you and to meditate yourself, althought without words you’ll end up expressing your feelings and emotions.
    It was an interesting post 😉

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